Ospeca Group, in continuous improvement, and derived from the vast experience in international trade and logistics has developed a goods management program called O-Trac. The program is dynamic and covers a complete process from start to finish that includes powerful tools to facilitate the logistics of goods and in the long run beneficial to our customers.

The system also has the capability to produce custom reports and automatic mobile and desktop alerts keeping you informed every step of the way. An important aspect in the logistics world is systems that provide information on time resulting in a growth development pattern between the Ospeca Group and our customers and suppliers.

The system interacts in a way that allows the efficient administration of the Maquila Industry related to Annex 24 of the Miscellaneous Resolution on Foreign Trade, inventory control for any industry, preparation of reports tailored to each client information and metrics required performance in each activity.

Emphasizing that the management of information is vital in the process which includes the transfer, storage, processing and analysis of the data needed to develop the planning and control, which gives support to the entire system.