Warehouse / Distribution

At OSPECA we define Cargo Management by listening to our customer’s needs. Multiple suppliers from domestic and international markets can become difficult to keep track of, resulting in a logistical frustration.

Our company offers a complete on site and visible management system that permits our customers to keep track of their shipment through the supply chain.

We take pride in customizing comprehensive support programs, wich allows you to run your supply chain efficiently and cost effectively. Together we will add integrity, reliability, flexibility, capacity and outstanding customer service to your day -to-day operations. Our full spectrum of logistics offering are available as stand-alone services or bundled together as an end-to-end solutions.

On Site Support

• Meet with manufacturers / suppliers at origin to coordinate shipping needs.
• Provide our expert advice in classification, shipping documents and proper invoicing.

Cargo Management

• Latest Security Technology
• Inventory Control
• Bar Code Applications
• 3PL
• Food Grade Areas
• Hazardous Material Handling

Web Base Management

• Web Tracking
• Tailored software to meet your needs
• Activate your shipment with a simple click of a button

Let us do your work! By listening to our customer we can design and disseminate any type of report that your manufacturing plant require at no additional cost.